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空缶や木材の廃材や蛍光灯等廃棄物を再利用し店舗のインテリアとして再構築したプロジェクトである。 日々排出される空缶の再利用をテーマとした。プレスされたスチール空缶を素材とし、そのユニットの組合せ方によって、スチールから、ベンチ、ベッド、床、空間まで形成していく。

Curve hair salon is an interior design project located in Fukushima district, in Osaka city. The design intent is to use repurposed materials, giving them a renewed dignity. The area is developed as a single space, with only a partition for shampoo booths. Furniture and storage units are movable pieces of furniture that can be relocated. Repurposed wood and white pressed cans were employed as wall coverings and furniture, combined to give the space a character of elegant simplicity.

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