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This car showroom is located in Nishinomiya City on a corner plot along the city’s east-west main road. The first, second and third floors are dedicated showrooms, with an indoor parking lot on the fourth level and a rooftop parking space on the fifth level.The functional spaces required for the facility are arranged on the south side with a large showroom space opening up to the street, facing the north and east roads. In order to draw attention to the showroom’s interior along the main road, the façade forms one continuous element that combines the east and north elevations in a single curved surface, structurally supported by pipe arches that seamlessly follow the shape of the outer skin. This structural arrangement gives form to a flexible façade that allows the free arrangement of either small or big openings - with no visible columns. On the first level, the large opening looks to integrate the city’s landscape with the interior space as one expansive space – becoming an active part of the street corner. Framing this, is the smooth, steel plate façade, with its polished surface seeking to embody the slick lines of an Italian car.

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